Want to take part in the BIGGEST MTB event in South Africa? Covering the most distance? Seeing the most diverse surroundings in South Africa? A race where the fastest guy doesn't win? A race that takes place........anywhere? At anytime? With anyone?



Introducing the Big MTB Year!!

Ever watched the movie  - 'The Big Year'? About the birders trying to spot as many birds in one year as they can? Well, this is the same concept - but only in mountain biking terms, with a twist!

Riders will get the entire year to see how many of the selected Big MTB Year trails in South Africa he/she can complete.

The Big MTB Year is an informal MTB event in the sense that there is no start or finish line with grand displays of banners and flags. You decide when you would like to start, with which trail, what time, and how fast or slow, you want to go. The event route is all the MTB routes in South Africa, selected as part of the Big MTB year trails for the year.


What do you need to take part?

  • You must have a smartphone device (Android or iOS).
  • You must have a mountain bike.
  • You must have a sense of adventure, love riding your MTB, and love seeing different parts of South Africa!


How do you enter for the Big Year?

Step 1: Download the Big MTB Year Mobile App onto your Android or Apple device (NOTE: this will only be available on 1 December 2013 when the event starts)

Step 2: Create your Profile and complete the registration process.

Step 3: View the trails that are part of the Big Year selected trails for 2014. (This will also be available on the Big MTB Year website....launching soon)

Step 4: Go ride a trail and start earning points!!


How will the Big Year Mobile App manage the event?

  • The Big MTB Year mobile app is specifically developed for the event.
  • Riders taking part in the Big MTB Year will earn points for each selected trail they complete.
  • Control is achieved via the App, by checking-in at the trail, taking a photo at the plaque, providing the trail GPS route and submitting trail feedback.


Want to keep your participation in the Big MTB Year a secret?

Just keep your identity a secret and complete the 'Alias Name' part when registering on the App.


You can be the first Big MTB Year winner!!

What does the winner get? Not only the title of the winner of the first ever Big MTB Year event in South Africa, but like any race, there will be prizes! Not just for the winner, but anyone entering the race stands a chance to win something through the lucky draw system!




How will you track your progress? On your profile your overall points will be visible to you. You will also be ranked according to your progress levels. Your points scored will only be available to you, however, everyone will be able to see your ranking.

Apart from the overall scoreboard will there also be 'Mini Scoreboards' which will keep track of other sub-categories.


When can you start the event?

The Big MTB Year starts on 1 December 2013 and you can start riding your trails anytime, anywhere. It can be a race against yourself, or against fellow competitors, or just a challenge you set for yourself while still enjoying trails throughout South Africa.

The Finish date for 2014 is 30 November 2014. Prizegiving will be at this time (date to be announced) at the winning trail venue. Yes, there is also a competition for participating trails!!


Want More Info?

Keep watching the media for press releases and TV appearances! The Big Year website (containing Race Rules and more info) will be available one the media launch has taken place! In the meantime, start joining the hype by liking us on our facebook group: EcoBound's Big MTB Year! This will be the platform where you can share photos, add comments, and all that stuff.

Keep track of the event in each issue of Tread in 2014.                       Official Big MTB Year magazine partner:



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