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Trans Baviaans 24hr Marathon


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The waiting is over! The ultimate MTB ride is here!

DATE: 14 August 2010
TIME: 10:00
VENUE: Willowmore (Royal Herberg - Main street)
FINISH: Kabeljous

Persevere · Orienteer · Plan · StrategizeSupport · Teamwork · Endure


The concept:

  • It is a team race consisting of 2, 3, or 4 cyclists.
  • ALL MEMBERS of the team must complete the distance.
  • Teams must visit a number of compulsory checkpoints along the way.
  • Assistance from support vehicles can only be provided at indicated checkpoints. For Corporate Entrants at ALL Checkpoints and for Standard Entrants only Checkpoints #5 & #6.
  • Checkpoints will be equipped to provide food and mechanical assistance.
  • Time penalties will be enforced for transgression of rules.
  • The distance of 230 km from Willowmore to Jeffreys Bay must be completed within 24 hours to qualify for a medal & certificate.
  • Night riding will be necessary and participants must be adequately equipped for this – see rules.
  • 10% of entry fee to be used as non-sponsored cash prize.


Map of Willowmore
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